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Chimney Cap Services for Winter Haven, Lakeland, FL & Beyond

The chimney cap is one of the most vital parts of a chimney. It is a powerful deterrent against water and debris infestation. A chimney cap covers the entire top of the chimney, guarding both the flue opening and the chimney crown.

There are two kinds of chimney caps. The first is an open style chimney cap made from leftover cement and mortar from the original chimney construction. The second kind of chimney cap contains a metal mesh screen that covers the flue opening. It prevents animals, pests, and debris from obstructing the flue while still allowing smoke and fumes to vent. Regardless of the type of chimney cap your home has, it will eventually need replacement.

Some signs your chimney cap needs to be replaced include:

  • Excessive rust or corrosion on the chimney cap 
  • Your chimney cap has been damaged in a storm
  • Your chimney cap has gone missing 
  • Your chimney cap is deteriorating
  • The mesh is heavily clogged or is separating from the rest of the cap

Benefits of Chimney Caps

Reduce Moisture & Keep Water Out- Chimney caps help to reduce moisture in your home and keep water out of your chimney. Water in your chimney can cause damage to the chimney liners, dampers, and even chimney mortar joints

Stop Drafts
- Chimneys are more than a one-way passage for air to move out of your home, it also allows air in. When the wind is blowing in a certain direction, it can cause a downdraft. If you have a fire going, you can end up with smoke blowing into your house. Chimney caps get in the way of these downdrafts, keeping your home warm and smoke-free. 

Keep Animals Out - From birds to raccoons, lots of animals may find your chimney a convenient place to set up their home. A chimney cap will help keep critters out of your chimney.

Contain Embers and Sparks - Your chimney releases embers and sparks the same way a campfire does. These particles can end up on your roof or come in contact with trees nearby and can trigger fires. A chimney cap will catch and contain any stray embers and keep them from landing on your roof or anything else nearby to ensure a fire is not even a possibility.

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In order to fully take advantage of all the great benefits a chimney cap provides, it must be properly installed. An incorrectly installed chimney cap will render it useless and it will not be able to protect your home as well as a properly installed one will. If your chimney cap needs to be replaced or you are interested in having one installed, rely on the team at Robert Binns Roofing Inc. We have been serving homeowners throughout the Winter Haven, and Lakeland, FL area since 1996! We offer a variety of residential services including custom fabrication of chimney caps. Call our team today to learn more!

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